steliz 90th service churchAre you hearing a quiet, still voice within, urging you to learn more about the Catholic faith? Do you find yourself coming to St. Elizabeth’s for Mass and wanting to be more involved in the community? Do you long for a deeper relationship with God? If your answer to any of the questions above is “yes” then God maybe calling you to explore the Catholic Faith more deeply.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults was developed by the Catholic church for those who are not previously baptized and adapted for those baptized in another faith tradition. We also include those adult Catholics seeking to complete their sacraments with Confirmation.

Your First Step

  • Reading this and visiting with us on-line.
  • Contacting the Director: Annie McEntee or 804-329-4599
  • Join us for Mass at St. Elizabeth’s!

There is One Baptism

bapPreparation for those who are not yet baptized normally takes a year. If you are baptized Catholic or baptized in another Christian tradition then:
–You will not be re-baptized
–If you are baptized in another Christian tradition the date of your initiation into the Catholic Faith will depend on your need for Christian formation as a Catholic
–If you are a baptized Catholic the date of your Confirmation will depend on your previous religious education and exposure to the Faith.
–For more information on the RCIA process, please click here.